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Small Painting Jobs With a Big Impact

Small Painting Jobs With a Big Impact

A Dexterous Painter Knows Best!

Have you been looking for ways to freshen up your home? Does it look old and boring? We might have the right solution for you! Why don’t you consider a few small painting jobs here and there? However, we would like to warn you although minor, these tasks require the deft hand of a professional painter.

You can begin by painting all the interior doors, this is an excellent way to hide your kids’ artistic talents and cover all those blemishes, fingerprints, and scratches with a new coat of quality paint. Just ask your local painting contractor what paint to apply on your wood trim as well. Even if you don’t touch anything else in your house, this job alone will freshen up the whole interior décor and ambiance.

Painting exterior doors will enhance the curb appeal of your property. Both interior and exterior doors need some maintenance throughout the years, especially if you have small children and pets. For all exterior doors, we recommend you to use neutral colors or if you have decided to use bold and bright shades, make sure they match the overall architectural style of your house.

The bathroom and the kitchen deserve special attention. As these are the rooms that take a lot of beating from daily use, the traffic in and out of them is intense, these places need some upkeep too. Applying a fresh layer of paint to the walls and doors will achieve a new-like space. Painting is often considered as a substitute for “remodeling,” because a new coat of top-notch paint applied by a skilled painter can change the entire atmosphere, and also a method for many homeowners to fight moisture and hide minor wall imperfections.

Other areas that will have a great impact are garage doors, window and door frames, hallways, and bedroom walls as well.

If you are having difficulties selecting the right paint hues for your project; or need an expert to get the job done, turn to Zimmerman Paperhanging & Painting. Our painters will show you what true professionalism and competence mean. We are in Cherry Hill, NJ and waiting to receive your phone calls at (856) 665-1638.

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