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How to Remove Wallpaper Fast and without Stress When Preparing for a Wall Painting Service

How to Remove Wallpaper Fast and without Stress When Preparing for a Wall Painting Service

Tricks for Easy and Timely Wallpaper Removal


When preparing for a painting service while you still have wallpaper on your walls, you need to make sure you get rid of it from your walls before the new application of this paint. Luckily, the majority of painting service providers in Cherry Hill, NJ offer a wallpaper removal assistance in addition to their paintwork, so you will not have to bother about this. But what happens if your painter refuses to take off your old wallpaper on his own? Then, you will have to help, and this is when the tips posted here will help you manage the situation!

How to clean old wallpaper without stressing out and losing time

  • You need to gather a few items before you begin: a pre-taped drop cloth, a medium-size bucket of water, a paint roller and a pan, a perforator, a scraper (it looks a lot like a putty knife but does not have a blade), wallpaper removing solvent, and, of course, a bucket full of patience.

  • When you get all of these stuff, you will need to cover your floor and molding with something to protect them from water damage. Use a pre-taped plastic drop cloth, for example. You can tape it to the top of the baseboard floor moulding. Go all around the perimeter of the area, and then unfold it into the room to cover the floor. If you skip this step, your wallpaper removal can get really messy.

  • Score the wallpaper with a razor scraper or a perforating tool to break down the adhesive. It is a perfect gadget for removing wallpaper from walls made of wallboard or drywall because they won’t damage the paper of the wall board.

  • Mix some wallpaper removing solvent with the water in the bucket and add some vinegar. This solvent will further break down the adhesive, so that the wall covering loosens and can be easily scraped off.

  • Use the paint roller to apply this solvent on the walls that you want to work on. Let it soak in, and then peel and scrape off the wet wallpaper.

  • When all the wallpaper is removed, use a sponge and some warm water to remove any excess paste from the walls. Then just roll up the entire mess.

If you have no time for this or you believe that you need a professional wallpaper removal service, you can always count on Zimmerman Paperhanging & Painting. Call us now at (856) 665-1638 in order to book a service with one of our qualified teams!

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