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Accent Wall Ideas to Elevate Your Home’s Style by an Expert Interior Painter

Maximizing the Impact of Accent Walls through Interior Painting

Accent walls allow you to experiment with color, texture, and tone without committing to changing the foundational design of the entire room. Furthermore, a stunning accent wall becomes the focal point of any room, saving you money on the purchase of additional accessories that would simply overpower the space in the presence of such a captivating focal point. Hiring an interior painter can help you make the most of your accent walls. Here are some paint design ideas for your accent walls.

Bold and bright

The simplest way to make a bold statement with your accent wall is to paint it all one bright color. An energizing color, such as yellow or magenta, can enliven the entire room and everyone in it! To balance out the vibrancy, pair it with some toned-down decor, such as a blush pink set of dining room chairs or a cream colored couch.

Think about shape and size

Painting an accent wall is essentially filling out the color of a large shape in the room. As a result, once completed, your eyes will notice the accent wall as something that stands out and contrasts with the rest of the space. As a result, it is preferable if the accent wall has a pleasing, clean shape to it and is not irregular or asymmetrical. This would most likely be a simple square or rectangular wall with no windows or doors. Otherwise, your “giant shape” may appear to have cutouts. However, this is not always the case. It’s also a good idea to frame a beautiful door by painting the wall around it.

Faux finishes

Faux finishing is another subtle way to use tone variation to create an accent wall. The benefit of using a faux finish is that you can transform your wall into something truly unique. While applying different glazes in multiple steps may appear intimidating, it is actually quite simple. Brushing and rolling, as well as spraying, sponging, and ragging, are all options.

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